Ways you can Give

Together, with the support of individuals and organisations we can do incredible things.

There are many ways you can make an impact. Have you thought about workplace giving, leaving a gift in your will, or organising a fundraiser?  

For companies, workplace giving is a smart way to demonstrate a strategic commitment to corporate community investment. Employees are provided with an opportunity to connect with the values of the company they work for and an avenue to make a positive difference in society and the environment.


Most importantly, workplace giving delivers a positive financial impact for charities, such as OVIS – it is a low-cost fundraising, with all donations going directly to making a difference in the lives of the people and community we support.


Workplace giving streamlines the financial management process of corporate donations to charities and reduces administration, while building charities’ supporter base.


The Australian Taxation Officer provides an overview of workplace giving here.


Contact us to discuss how OVIS can work with you to implement a Workplace Giving program in your organisation.

Leaving a gift to OVIS in your will has the power to transform lives.

OVIS is committed to a world where family and domestic violence is not tolerated or ignored. By remembering OVIS in your will you can help secure a future in which people impacted by violence and abuse can live in safety – free from fear.

We are grateful for all donations, large or small.

How do I leave a gift in my will?
There are several ways in which you can leave a legacy gift to OVIS.

  • Whole or Part of Estate – You can leave your entire estate or any part of your estate to OVIS.
  • Percentage of Estate: Not sure how much will be in your estate? You can leave us your entire estate or any percentage of your estate you choose. This means that no matter the value of your estate, the percentage you intend for OVIS will remain the same.
  • Specific Gift: A specific gift is a specified sum of money, or particular item(s) of property (examples can include a residential house, commercial real estate, shares, artwork or jewellery)
  • Residuary Gift: A residuary gift is one where you give a portion of all of that is remaining in your estate – after specific gifts and debts are fulfilled. After you have taken care of loved ones and dependants, you can leave us whole or part of what remains in your estate.

Wills can be complex and there are many ways of including a gift in your Will. We cannot provide you with specific legal advice, so please ensure you obtain your own independent legal advice on the most appropriate wording.

Fundraising for OVIS is great fun and very rewarding. The funds you raise will help us to continue providing life-saving and life-changing services to people escaping family and domestic violence. However you choose to fundraise for us – from hosting a coffee morning or a pub quiz, to a raffle at your workplace or community group – you will receive encouragement and support from us.

Or make a donation here

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