Our Purpose

Everyone deserves to feel safe, yet an alarming number of people feel like they’re walking on eggshells in their own home.

Every year, the Peel region sees over 1000 people seek family violence services. OVIS is here to provide options to people fleeing abuse, support survivors on the next phase of their journey and engage the broader community in compassionate conversations around safety.


To empower people to have a future free from violence and abuse.


All people feel safe from family and domestic violence and abuse.


Our core values underpin all that we do.

Strategic Priorities 2019 – 2022

Driven by our vision and led by our values, OVIS’s strategic priorities guide our organisation as we pursue our mission.


Good governance

  • The Board is well positioned to strategically support a sustainable service.
  • We maintain strong financial oversight.
  • Risks are identified, treated and monitored.
  • Policy and procedures are well developed, understood and consistently applied.

Thriving future

  • Our organisational structure supports best practice.
  • Diverse funding streams ensure sustainability and support quality.
  • Good data builds business intelligence and supports evidence-based decision

An engaged and passionate workforce

  • We engage a capable and values driven workforce.
  • Our workplace is a safe and supports the health and well-being of staff.

Empowering clients and community

  • We are regarded as a leading provider of safe, high quality specialist services.
  • Clients are respected, understood and empowered
  • Funders understand how we benefit the community.
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