Keeping you safe in your home

After an incident we do our best to support women and their children to stay in their home, if it is safe to do so. We assess the risk, and support women to create a plan to keep safe in their home. We also assist with funds to secure the home.

We provide education, support and information to enable women to develop strategies to keep themselves and their children safe, whilst supporting them to make decisions about their situation.

Our independent staff provide expert guidance and referrals for women at the highest risk of injury and harm from family violence and abuse. Our staff will tailor support based on individual needs.

  • Safety planning
  • Access to safe housing options
  • Liaising with the police
  • Support with Family Violence Restraining Orders, accessing legal advice, and supporting women in court
  • Advocating for the safety of children
  • Accessing local community and cultural service
  • Group support programs to understand the effects of domestic violence
  • Support in building self-confidence and independence
  • Referrals to specialist support services including :
    • Family and domestic violence counselling
    • Sexual abuse counselling
    • Mental health support services
    • Alcohol and drug treatment, counselling and support
    • Financial counselling to help with budgeting, paying bills and debts
    • Multi-cultural support
    • Immigration services
    • Assisting with tenancy matters
    • Practical and emotional assistance for a smooth transition into a new home
    • Finding work, paid or unpaid
    • Access to training or education
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